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Is Selling Privately the Way?


Have you ever wondered how much commission you could save if you could sell it yourself? We know you've heard that a thousand times over but its so simple, otherwise we wouldn't be taking the time to tell you and people would not be joyfully emailing us to tell us they can't believe they actually sold their home privately

The answer comes in the form of simple but powerful marketing techniques that anyone can utilise. The Private Sale System is a free, convenient and safe alternative approach to sell your property and essentially all you will need is 2 things:

  • A Private Listing
  • A Property Sign

That's it!

Having said that, there was once a time when many people would shy away from having a go at brave self-selling tactics but then came a time when sellers grew tired of allowing others to sell it for them...(or not sell it for them, for that matter). Many self proclaimed "Non-DIY" folk simpy could not justify the traditional costs of selling a home through a broker or agent so they took a new approach... Sell it Yourself...and rightfully so.

The word is that the origins of the mainstream Private selling approach to property sales started around 1994 with the first disgruntled seller in Wagga Wagga, a regional city in central NSW who was taken for a bumpy ride by a local real estate agent, resulting in the seller losing their property due to a legal loophole. As you can imagine, the seller did not achieve the desired outcome with a broker, feeling helpless as a result and not to mention almost broke. To add insult to injury, the seller was left to pay considerable marketing expenses which was naturally hard to swallow.

While times have indeed changed, the reality is that you have just as good a chance of selling your property privately instead of utilising a conventional broker. With widespread online marketing, real estate agents and the almost god-like power of the Internet, nothing is considered rocket science anymore....not even rocket science itself. The same goes for selling your home DIY fashion.

This is where we come into the picture. By utilising one of our affordable and professional looking signs from us at Property Signs will work wonders with prospective buyers as it has for thousands of our customers Australia Wide. Using our signs in association with private sale websites is key to generating serious enquiries. By incorporating your listing ID code into one of our for sale signs, you automatically allow potential buyers to view your listing which you have complete control over.

Our Open House & Open For Inspection signs have also been quite popular as of late and we will be bringing a new range of signage and display systems as well as some new hush hush marketing tools to all our valued customers shortly. If you aren't sure where to start, DIY selling websites such as Private Sale offer dynamic listings, with a free account so you can list until your property is sold and they dont ask for a cent. Soon, we will also be bringing our new private sellers guide to all our current members and all we can do right now is hint at our new Iphone app...coming soon..

Happy Selling!

The Team at PropertySigns.com.au