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Below are Frequently Asked Questions from our customers over the years.

If you have a more specific query that is not listed below, please contact us

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Company Details

We are a fast moving and forward thinking Sign manufacturing group based in Sydney Australia. We are independantly owned and operated and 100% Australian. With several inhouse design and production facilities, nothing is outsourced, allowing us to offer our customers with signage that was previously unaccessible to the general public. Property Signs is operated by the Signcut Group, an online retailer and manufacturer of ready made and custom signage

We specialise in affordable & innovative property signage & successful outdoor marketing solutions. We cater to all individuals and businesses alike offering all sign & photo printing solutions for private sellers, agents, builders, owners/occupiers, tradespeople, homeoweners, charity groups, schools, universities, commercial construction & industrial markets.

The easiest, quickest and most efficient way is to contact us via email or by completing the contact form. If you have a wholesale, reseller or agent related enquiry, please contact us here


Our Products

All our property signs are made with a rigid 5mm Multiflute™ polypropylene exterior grade substrates. Designs & artwork are either printed directly on the substrate, or as vinyl prints, Screen Prints, Giclee' prints and in some cases vinyl overlay lettering depending on the nature of the design and product at the time of manufacture in accordance with our production processes. All materials used are from reputable suppliers with many years in the industry stocking only the best media such as 3M, Oracal & Avery to ISO standards and certification. It is not uncommon for our products to last many years out and about. Many factors affect the longevity of the signage itself. Although rugged, property signs should not be mishandled, abused or come in contact with harsh chemicals and extreme environments for prolonged periods of time. If you require products with extended life, please ensure you contact us beforehand so we can clarify.

For most of our products, they are organised by category title. I.e For Sale Signs, For Lease Signs, Open House Signs etc. Each of these categories usually has a certain number of designs within. Each design is also known as a 'product'. The details such as the text, phone number, url of each product can be customised to suit your individual preferences. These details are usually entered into the available fields. It is these details that we will use to custom manufacture your sign using our state of the art equipment. Some products have customisable fields, while others do not, as these are usually fixed type signs, such as "Danger - Keep Clear". Most fixed type signs can usually be customised anyway via a 'blank' template that exists in almost every category.

Although our signs have been created by our expert designers who seem to know what ingredients are needed to make an impact, there is sometimes a need for our more experienced users to bring their own creativity to the table and share with us their pre-designed artwork. We offer a 'print only' service for experienced graphic designers and marketing companies, who have their artwork ready. Please use our contact form and upload any files there if need be.

Yes. Many of our products are compatible with our wide range of accessories for many different scenarios and applications. These are located on our accessories page. While we regularly update this category, there may be some items that may not be listed. Please contact us directly and we can provide you with further information. Our signs have been designed in such a way that make them easy to handle and install. Where large and bulky accessories such as oversized timber framing, metal posts and custom install gear canot be shipped, these items are common everyday products that can be purchased at any hardware store.



The easiest and quickest way to obtain a sign is by browsing the left hand category column, selecting any product you see within our store, add your custom details and make payment. You will automatically be registered at the time of ordering where billing and shipping info will be asked.

Fortunately, Yes. This allows us to better cater to your needs and allows your account information to be easily accessed by you, without the need to re-enter billing and shipping info. We will also keep you updated of relevant news and important changes to the site. By registering on our site, you will also gain access to our downloadable 'goodies' area where you can view advanced information , application instructions, and guides to help you make the most of your signs

A good idea is to use the existing product photos as a guide when deciding how many lines of text, or number of characters to enter into the custom fields. A rule of thumb to consider is that the more information and characters that you enter, the smaller the text will become when the final product is produced. Our designers individually look over every order that comes through and if something looks out of place or won't work well, we will let you know. This is rarely an issue, unless you enter the story of your life in the boxes provided. Be sure to enter clear and concise information, using the bullet points of the product photo as an indicator, as you will have a far better chance of your sign being seen and having the impact it was designed to have. Our designers have done the hardwork for you when our templates were originally created, so you just need to add the details you need. You can experiment with text layout and do not have to follow the exact wording layout of the designs themselves.

Due to the nature of sign design and the correct information needed, we ask that all orders to be initially placed online as all text and template data is passed onto our design team. We need to ensure that the text you require customised , is entered via the form so that the correct data is passed through our design tool systems. This also helps with keeping us efficient so we can have your signs designed promptly. By all means, you may contact us at anytime if you require help or clarification with ordering and you can pay via credit card over the phone for an order that you have already submitted.

At PropertySigns.com.au, we are quick....super quick. Probably quicker than anywhere else as we work around the clock in our factories, manufcaturing signs 24Hours a Day / 7 days a week, for Australian businesses & homes, so your sign is most likely going to be made while you sleep. In short, you can expect your sign to be made within 24 hours after payment has been received for your order. If you need abetter indication as to when your sign/s will be ready, please feel free to contact us.



Your sign will be made with blistering quality and eye popping perfection. It will look like the product template design you see on your screen, only better. As your monitor is most likely a backlit display, you will tend to see some artefacts or inconsistencies on screen, however this will certainly not be the case when you receive your sign/s. They are made with the utmost quality all the time, every time. Depending on the product being ordered, most products are a gloss or a satin finish.

We have made every attempt to keep our colours as universal and standard as possible so that they can be viewed correctly on a wide array of computers and devices. If you require absolute colour critical applications, please contact us via our contact form, so that we may send you a sample colour of what it is you request. If you have custom artwork with specific pantone colours, please send to us separately.

Our designers know what looks good, what works and what doesnt. When you provide us with your custom details, our design team will use their discretion to produce something that is going to make sense to all who see it. (unless you specify otherwise). This is what you pay us for.:) If you still don't like that arrangement, you can request a design proof after you have placed an order. In this instance, we will halt production of your sign until you give us the green light and are happy with us to proceed.. Note: When requesting a proof, there may be further delays in the manufacture of your order. As our designers work closely with our production team, we will still need to get your final approval when a design proof is requested by you. We are currently working on new online design tools that will allow all signage to be customised and viewed on screen exactly as intended, so you can see your design in real time, prior to manufacture.

Depending on the product ordered, the signs themselves are made up with more than one material and more than one method. All property signs are made with 5mm Multiflute polypropylene board, ( real estate sign board). Superior Outdoor Ink Technology is used to complete the process and in some instances, over laminate materials are further used to protect the signs themselves. Die Cut vinyl text may also be used with some products. In any instance, the durability and life of the signs will exceed the required application. For a more detailed description of our sign substrates and their specifications please visit our Sign Materials Guide

To give you an indication, a 90cm x 60cm sign is about as big as a standard movie poster. (give or take). We are sure almost everyone has seen one of these before. You can expect similar text. Headings usually measure about 80-100mm high and designed to be viewed from across the street and beyond. If you populate your sign design with considerable amounts of text, yes we may still print it, but may only be noticeable when the sign is viewed from close by.

Unfortuantely not. However, the good news is that you can choose a different template which will most likely include the title and colour/s you need. For example, you cannot customise the heading of a 'For Sale' sign to be a 'For Lease' heading instead.- Please choose a 'For Lease' template if For Lease is your requirement. ( It's like asking for a vegetarian pizza, without any vegetables, but adding bacon)

For all custom design orders, please use the contact form. Here you can upload your files for us to have a look at. We accept most formats including .PDF, ,JPG, .AI, .EPS, .SVG, .GIF, .DOC, .PNG, .TIF



Firstly, you need to choose a product/template that makes use of photos. You will notice that all photo design templates have an upload file/s field on the product page. Simply browse and attach any file/s here and this will attach to your order. Please note: Only certain formats may be uploaded., i.e. .JPG, .PDF, .EPS, .AI, .DOC, .GIF, .SVG, .TIF. Please ensure you upload using one of these formats otherwise errors may occur.

If you require photo signage, for best results, please ensure you upload files that have a minimum of 150dpi (dots per inch). Your images will be resized to accomodate the deisgn template that you choose. Although we can accept file sizes produced from even the most advanced cameras, we ask that you keep your files smaller than 8megabytes. (8MB). If the images you are using were captured using an advanced camera such as a Canon 5D Mk1, Mk2, MK3 or Eos 1D Series or any Nikon Pro series device, you may want to resize your images prior to upload, as these devices produce overly large sized files. We ask that you resize your images first, but If you really need to send us such large files, we ask that you use our FTP server. We will not retouch any photos or files. Automatic brightness levels and Auto corrections may be applied in some instances to ensure images are printed as intended.

By sending us high quality images to begin with, we can then ensure that these will print with clarity and sharpness. A high quality image for the purposes of large format signage is probably not a photo that was taken using an iphone or camera phone. Although these devices are great, and we sometimes print files from these, we do not recommend them. They do not possess the inherent capabilities for large scale photo sign work. Photos using camera phones will produce considerable noise (grain) and undesirable artefacts. The best way is to provide images to us are ones that were captured using either an SLR camera or even a smaller point and shoot camera. You may want to consider using the services of a real estate photographer for best results. We can recommend a suitable photographer in your area by contacting us.

If you are using photo editing software such as Photoshop, Adobe Bridge, Lightroom to prepare your images then you may already have some prior knowledge up your sleeve. For best results from us, preparing your artwork/images by saving your files in .JPG, .TIF, or .PDF format using CMYK settings with a minimum resolution of 150 dpi will ensure that your photo/s are going to really pop and print correctly. Please note: Every photo template on the product page shows the actual size in centimetres (CM) of the individual photo insets. By sizing your images to these dimensions ensures we do not crop your images. For example, If the design uses 2 x 420mm x 300mm photos, you would want to size your images to these dimensions @ 150 dpi. If you send us images where the orientation is not correct (Landscape vs Portrait) , then your images will not be able to fit into the allocated design correctly. for using portrait style images with photo signs, please ensure you select a template that makes use of Portrait style images.


Of course! Our design team examines the file/s that are uploaded with your order and oversees the accuracy and quality that can be achieved. If any images are not up to speed and unacceptable for printing (which is not often), we will contact you and may ask you to provide replacement images.



Currently, our preferred method is PAYPAL. It is the quickest and more secure method of payment that integrates with modern shopping cart systems, such as the one we are now using. We are also one of the first merchants in Australia to offer the newly adopted Paypal Here™ credit card payment system which is utilised for our instore sales

We do also welcome Direct Deposit & Credit Card over the phone. Our payment systems are likely to be upgraded in the near future to allow for further options.

Orders will not be shipped until all items are paid for and payment received. Paypal is an instant payment method and thus the quickest method available with us. If you are paying via direct deposit, please note that in some instances it may take up to 48hrs for payment to be received. If your sign is urgent, please contact us to verify that we have received your payment so we can rush your order along to our production team.


Shipping & Delivery

We use a few. It really is dependant on the product you choose. You will see the type of shipping arrangement being used when you are completing your order. In most instances, we use Australia Post Regular, Registered and Express delivery for objects less than 1m in length. For items larger than 1m, we will engage our preferred Courier/s who deliver our products safely and securely. For courier deliveries, we keep the tracking number/Ref No. on hand to monitor your parcel and pass this onto you for your convenience to help you keep track personally. For Metro Sydney deliveries, one of our staff members may drop off the item to you directly to minimise any delay.

Yes. Definately. The great news is that if you purchase multiple items of the same product, we can reduce the rate of shipping as well as receiving a further discount for ordering in bulk on most products. Example. You may purchase 1 x Housekeeping Signs @ $15.00 each, with $8.00 Postage charge. If you purchase 10 x Housekeeping Signs, you will only be charged $13.80 each (8% discount on this product) and shipping is only $16.00 in total on this bulk order.

Yes we do. Some items have FREE shipping but all orders over $350 in value are entitled to FREE Shipping anyways.

Don't panic...In some instances, if you place a large order or uncoventional quantities for a product, our system may not recognise this as a genuine transaction and return erraneous amounts. At this point, you can do one of 2 (two) things: A) You may continue to place the order and any difference in actual amount will be adjusted or refunded to you upon manual processing or you may contact us directly to enquire so that we can allocate the correct amount of shipping to you. Our shipping rates tend to use the built in Australia Post calculators but if the order is too large for Australia Post, then our alternative carrier will be used.


Yes of course. This is a normal occurrence. Be sure to edit your shipping info in your account information or at the time of ordering clearly stating the name, company, address and contact phone number for the individual who is intending to receive the item.


Normally, after our fast manufacturing times, we will endeavour to have your sign shipped off right away. Provided your orderis ready, we will usually get parcels out on the same day or following morning. If you have made an order late afternoon, then it may be possible that your sign is shipped out the following afternoon or the next available working day. the reason this may occur is that certain couriers tend to have a fixed run where they make morning pickups only from our factories. To ensure you get your property signs when needed, please allow ample time ahead to allow for logistics and handling. Although we manufacture fast, we really do wish that everyone could do the same.


If you have ordered a sign package under 1m and you are in a metro area where Australia Post express delivery is available, then good news! We can offer express delivery on all products


We think the answer is YES. There is no area that we have been unsuccessful in delivering to as yet. We have customers in Outback Australia, remote locations, rural and regional locations as well as neigbouring islands without any hassles. If you have any specific delivery requirements, please advise us so that we may pass this info onto our courier drivers who always endeavour to deliver our signs in a timely, safe and secure fashion.


Not at the moment. We are looking into this. Please check back at this page periodically for updates. If you require international shipping, please contact us here

Yes we do. Our customer pickup service is by appointment only to ensure you do not unneccessarily wait and that your product is ready and awaiting your collection from our warehouse. Depending if the item is a ready made sign or a custom sign, Pick -Ups can normally be made within 12-48 Hours of time of ordering.

Signs that are designated for pickup, normally take 1 business day to be made available at our nominated locations. Depending on our work processes, signs may be made at one of our factories and then shipped out via our despatch warehouses. Our main pickup location is located in our sign warehouse in Southern Sydney, near Taren point, NSW. You will be notified as soon as your parcel is available for collection.


Trading Hours

Putting it simply, we are 24 hours. / 7 days a week. Our sign production facilities are pumping around the clock constantly manufacturing your orders. Our Online Store is always available and naturally, never closes. Pickups are available from Monday- Friday 10am - 5pm. For all other times, prior arrangements will need to be made with us and at the discretion of Property Signs management.

Our production facilities are pumping 365 days a year. While we endeavour to keep our doors open as wide as we can, there are times during public holidays that shipping may be delayed slightly due to carriers not being able to cater during these times. This is out of our control. All signs are sent out on the next available working day of our shipping partners.



Please refer to our Installation Instructions/Vinyl application instructions located here.

At this stage, we cannot offer high end installation services directly. The good news is that our products have been innovateively designed in such a way that makes the process as DIY as possible. Please refer to the individual instruction manual/s for the relevant products.

When it comes to installation and application, we are here to help you along. Certain graphics, prints and decals (especially larger sizes) may require some advanced installation and dexterity. With our DIY Instructions, installing your signage and graphics is nowmade easy with our DIY approach.


Oopsy Daisy

Yes we can. Not all is lost. To save you headache, time and money, please report the problem to us via our contact page and one of our skilled team members will provide you with the quickest and most cost effective remedy. This option will highly depend on the nature of the problem but we have many innovative ways to fix any signage problem.


We endeavour to ship all property signage and graphics out as quick as we can. With our usual 24 hour turn around time and in-house manufacture of all our products, you can be sure you are getting the speediest service available and most likely quicker than any other sign shop can offer. All smaller signs and items are sent via registered post with Australia Post while larger products are sent via our preferred couriers such as Fastway, Couriers Please, Star Track Express, DHL etc. In all instances where an item is trackable, we will retain the reference number and pass it onto our customers as required. This may be done automatically by our system. In most cases, we find that our signage tends to arrive before the item becomes trackable in online tracking systems as there is usually a delay while parcels are scanned through depots. Shipping may take anywhere between 1-3 days to arrive to you depending on your location. Remote/outback locations can expect between 4-9 days. Please ensure someone is available to either receive and sign for your parcel, or available to collect your items from your nearest post office if you have received a red and white Australia Post parcel pickup card.


Other Questions

While all out templates and designs are easy to navigate, giving you the freedom to find a sign to suit any application, there may be instances where you already have your own artwork and design ready to go. Please use our contact page to send us any artwork directly. If you are an agent or reseller, please read this first

You do not neccessarily need to make a special request. You will find that all our sign design templates are many and varied. You can simply choose a different design, or start with a blank design if you need something quite customised.

We can make some pretty big stuff. It is more than likely that this type of work will supersede the common needs of many customers, but if you would like us to take on a new type of challenge and have a specific request, then we will gladly consult with you.